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Q. Do I have to apply for Member Privilege Protection?
A. No. If you have maintained your account in good standing and have met the credit union criteria, we will assign Member Privilege Protection to your checking account.

Q. What if I do not want Member Privilege Protection?
A. You may opt out of Member Privilege Protection at any time by signing an opt out form. Just ask a representative for an opt out form to sign.

Q. How can I access Member Privilege Protection?
A. You may access Member Privilege Protection through checks, over-the-counter transactions and ACH (Automated Clearing House) transactions.

Q. May I use Member Privilege Protection to cover ATM withdrawal transactions?
A. No. Member Privilege Protection DOES NOT cover ATM transactions.

Q. Is there a limit as to how much I can overdraft my account?
A. Yes. You will be assigned a limit to your account. If you exceed your limit checks will be returned NSF, the NSF charges will apply and privileges revoked.

Q. Is there a charge for this service?
A. There is only a fee if you use the service. A fee of $35.00 will apply each time you use the service.

Q . Can Member Privilege Protection charges be waived?
A. No. Member Privilege Protection fees are not eligible for discounts or reimbursements.

Q. Is Member Privilege Protection a loan?
A. No. We extend this non-contractual courtesy to members who maintain their accounts in good standing. This service is discretionary on the part of the credit union and can be taken away at any time if determined by the credit union your account is not in good standing.

Q. Can I use to Member Privilege Protection to pay on my loan with the credit union?
A. No. You cannot use Member Privilege Protection to meet this obligation.

Q. When do I have to repay the overdraft?
A. You will need to bring your account to a positive end-of-day balance at least once every thirty (30) days. If you do not bring the account to a positive balance in the 30 days, the account will be closed, turned over to collections and reported to Chexsystems.